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Friday, April 10, 2015

Quattrocento Handmade Designer Eyewear from Italy

Quattrocento is an online brand, offering handmade designer eyewear at an affordable price preserving the Italian artisans community. #MadeinItaly

Founders, they casually met at an internet café in Milan, casually started talking, and by the beginning of 2013 they founded Quattrocento. By spring 2014, they were already displaying their prototypes at Milan Design Week.

Fuochi Fatui You can find at: Quattrocento Eyewear

A (not so) perfect day for some pink lensed sunglasses

La Palma baby! We are so ready for the weekend!

Spring is all about passion. Say hello to extra bright Cuanta Pasion 

Sharon Ezra - Designer and Brand Developer

"I was always fascinated by Milan's exclusive fashion industry. Follow my graduation in Fashion Design, I was exposed to Italian design and tailoring, while working for one of the world's leading design manufacturers. There I understood that the future promising designs belong to those who can pursue innovation without forgetting tradition."

Eugenio Pugliese: CEO and Business Developer

"My family has been in the optical business for thirty years. I spent most of my childhood years witnessing all sorts of trends andinnovations. I went on to study economics, but never did I forget my love for eyewear. This brought on the idea that it's the right time to bring out our change to the market".

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