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Friday, August 28, 2015

Jennifer Aniston is No Longer Secretly Married

The secret's out, friends (hehe, get it?). Last night, Jennifer Aniston, who managed to pull off a Navy Seals-level feat of having a secret, camera-free Hollywood wedding two weeks ago, revealed cold, hard, (sparkly) evidence that the event took place. The actress, who walked the red carpet for her new film She's Funny That Way in a black Roland Mouret jumpsuit, appeared blingy-handed, sporting her new gold, diamond encrusted wedding band, which was designed by close friend Jennifer Meyer, according to US Weekly.

Fresh off her Bora Bora honeymoon, she has that marital Bora Bora glow, but despite outing her secret with the hardware, she's determined to keep mum about the details: "We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment and I'm going to be selfish and keep it that way!" Aniston told ET.

Congrats, Jen! that you're back, can you tell us why Joey and Chandler didn't make the wedding guest list? Because...we're still sad about that one.

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